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Miten Shah & Abhilash Menon

Miten Shah

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Miten is an Investment Banker who has spent over 7 years in M&A, Private Equity and Raising Funds through UHNI’s across Asia Pacific Region. A large part of his Investment Banking experience revolved around Food and Beverage industry, giving him an ideal and in-depth understanding of how F&B investments work and thus create synergic models enabling the investors of Ambros to make great returns. He leads the Finance, Investments and Strategy part of Ambros World Foods.

Abhilash Menon

An avid Food & Beverage Industry expert, who has travelled over 60+ countries in the world brings on an extensive International F&B Experience on the Ambros platter. Abhilash started his journey as a Bartender on International Cruise Ships in his early days and has evolved to work with 4-5 International Brands in India. With a knowledge level unparalleled in the industry, Abhilash leads the Operations, Projects and Concepts developments part of Ambros World Foods.